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Just over 50km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Can Gio is like a green oasis with vast mangrove forests, interspersed with luxuriant orchards of fruit trees, especially fresh seafood dishes. Can not forget.

Need now both forest, sea and countless other interesting things here, come to Can Gio, you will stay away from the noisy, bustling places in the crowded city, drop your soul into cool sea water and enjoy the wonderful resort space between pure and quiet nature.

For the people of Saigon, Can Gio tourism is always the first choice for a family or group holiday on weekends or short holidays, this is a suitable destination for a 2-day-1-night trip. near Saigon.

Speaking of Can Gio, first of all, we have to mention seafood, Can Gio has a coastline of about 13 km, mostly clam grounds that are raised in the natural environment.

Can Gio coast receives a large amount of sediment from big rivers from Dong Nai and Soai Rap, so seafood here is very fast and has a natural sweet taste.

Clams are white like milk, thick and chewy meat, when caught up, just soak the water, then steamed ginger, eat with sweet chilli sauce or lemon pepper salt is great.

Can Gio has a full range of accommodation types to meet the diverse needs of tourists, you can choose cheap resorts, hotels or motels to stay when traveling Can Gio.

Accommodation in Can Gio is mainly located around the beach 30/4, the price of Resort in Can Gio is about 1 million VND for 1 night, for hotels and motels it is cheaper from 200 thousand VND – 800 thousand VND for 1 night depending on the time.

You can also choose accommodation in Vung Tau, then take a train from Vung Tau to Can Gio, stay in Vung Tau will have more luxury hotels and resorts in Can Gio.


Can Gio Resort: with 80 kinds of rooms built in traditional Vietnamese style. Beautiful ecotourism area, located along the beach and casuarina forest, the resort also has a restaurant, swimming pool, Karaoke, Massage, Sauna, Steambath, Tenis yard and campfire living area and conference room. .

View details and reservations: Can Gio Resort

Ngoc Phuong Nam Resort: is an ideal resort with lots of entertainment services. Resort is located close to the beautiful beach and Can Gio mangrove forest. This resort provides services such as exploring mangroves with a wealth of rich plant species, visiting Dam Doi and Tram Chim Ecological Areas.

Can Gio has many attractions for you to explore, you can quite break the mangrove forests needing hours with countless types of plants and is the habitat of many valuable aquatic and marine species.

In addition, if you are a beach lover, you can indulge in the sea water in Can Gio beach, visit the clam grounds of the local people …

Here are the most attractive tourist destinations in Can Gio, you should not ignore when coming here.

Coming to Vam Sat tourist area, visitors are immersed with nature, breathe fresh air. At the same time, you can use an electric boat or walk through the vast forest to visit every corner of Vam Sat.

Most of the walkways are lined with concrete to help visitors not get dirty when the rainy season comes. From the aisle, visitors can see the typical vegetation of this land is mangrove trees.

When the first sunbeams hit the forest, each flock of birds began to spread everywhere to find food around rivers, canals, ponds and shrimp ponds in the region. Watch binoculars from the observation deck, visitors will see the entire forest bird nest.

Wildlife sanctuary is built into a safe area to attract animals to live and protect them and restore the natural environment.

Tang Bong tower is located in the middle of Vam Sat tourist area, with a height of 26m, visitors can admire the panoramic view of Can Gio mangrove forest.

Lam Vien resort, also known as Monkey island, welcomes from 400-500 tourists on normal days, while on weekends, the number of tourists increases from 1,000 to 1,500 people.

The monkeys in Lam Vien are very brave, they are not afraid of people but on the contrary sometimes visitors must be frightened by the acts of blatant robbery between the day and the intimacy makes many girls, the boy panicked.

From a few dozen children, Monkey Island now has nearly 2,000 monkeys of all kinds, some rare and precious species. The care and care of monkeys is assigned to officials and staff of Lam Vien Tourist Zone Management Board.

To monkey island, you will be watching the lovely monkeys, enjoying the fresh and cool air of the mangrove primeval ecosystem.


Can Gio Beach, also known as beach 30/4, is considered a familiar address for many tourists. You can comfortably play on the water with friends and relatives in a free and quiet atmosphere.

Although the tourism services here are quite deserted but become the ideal destination for vacation tourism, helping you stay away from the excitement inherent in the famous tourist areas.

Can Gio beach has many alluvial so dark, not beautiful. However, tourists still come here and walk away to swim. The loudspeaker constantly reminds visitors to stay away from dangerous waters but somehow feels relieved.

In addition to swimming and having fun, you can also enjoy fresh seafood on the beach.

Can Thanh town is located quietly in the outskirts of the city, just step here is to see a different world, peaceful, peaceful, quiet. All tired of natural worries vanish. In Can Thanh, there is a small park overlooking the sea. It is a place where one can rent a hammock and admire the gentle Can Gio beach in the summer sunshine.

Hang Duong seafood market is located about 50m from the sea, not only is an interesting destination in Can Gio, this place is also a place to buy fresh gifts as gifts, you can enjoy seafood right now. place.

Unlike the quiet in the places to visit, Hang Duong market always attracts great interest of local people and tourists in many places, mainly from Saigon. In the morning, the market takes place in a bustling and lively scene with a price of haggling, bargaining of sellers and buyers.

The market has a variety of fresh seafood with prices ranging from low to high, such as snails, fish, squid, crab, crab, octopus, and shrimps.

Besides the selection of fresh seafood, if you do not have the cooking conditions in place, you can buy prepared dishes to enjoy right away or bring them to the sea and wind.


The mausoleum of Mr. Thuy Chung in Can Thanh commune is currently worshiping the skeleton. His mermaid (Mr. Luu) is up to 12 meters long. Mr. Luy encountered a drifting ashore in 1971, and was worshiped by Can Gio people. In 2001, Ho Chi Minh City Museum reclaimed Lu’s skeleton.

Every year, in the lunar August of the lunar calendar, the people of Can Gio district jubilantly organize the “Nghinh Mr. Thuy Chuong” festival with traditional customs.

The main day of the festival is August 17, but all preparations are started long before. As a long-time folk practice of fishermen, many people came to attend.

Today, the festival is widely introduced to domestic and foreign tourists known as a unique culture of this land, on the occasion of Nghinh Ong, Can Gio district welcomes a large number of tourists and people. around the region to attend the ceremony.


Thanh An Island is very attractive to those who love phượt, coming to Thanh An, you will feel the peaceful and airy atmosphere away from the bustling and crowded Saigon.

Seafood in Thach An Island is very fresh and very cheap, some households on the island open seafood baking service for tourists, especially octopus, squid and shrimp. Experience a day on Thanh An Island at the weekend will bring you many pleasant and comfortable feelings.

If you buy seafood from fishermen, it is as cheap as it is for example typical shrimp with only 50k / brass, 40k / brass octopus and then bring it into the shop thanks to the processing and peace of mind will not be cut. because the shop only charges processing fees from 15k / item.


If you want to go to Thieng Lieng island, you have to take a ferry, starting from Can Thanh town, Can Gio district, it takes a boat trip nearly 1 hour to get to Thanh An island. From Thanh An continued to lose that time on the boat, crept between the forest swaths following the newly arrived estuary of Thieng Lieng, this small island hamlet has just over 200 households.

70% of people in Thieng Lieng live on salt making, they mainly come from the western provinces … but only make salt for 6 months in the dry season. With over 400ha of salt making area, Thieng Lieng produces over 20,000 tons of salt each year.

Delicious food in Can Gio
Can Gio Giao Bien has many special dishes prepared by people from seafood. There are also many other delicious dishes. Here are the delicious dishes you should enjoy when coming to Can Gio.


– Can Gio market area (also called Can Thach market): In Can Thanh town, the price is low, but there are only many shrimp, crab and snail fish, not as diverse as at Hang Duong market. About 2 – 3pm is the fishing boat, buy cheap.

Beach area 30-4: It has been re-planned that the shop no longer has a bucket. The coastal road for motorbikes to run comfortably, very cool, can take the car down to the beach running, the price here is also very cheap.

Hang Duong Market: only 50m from the beach about 50m is spoiled for choice. Seafood here is fresh, just sold at the right price, especially visitors will be served food processing on the spot.

In the South, the weather is hot all year round so you can go to Can Gio anytime. Only a small note is to see the weather forecast first to avoid the rainy days or the storm days.

Can Gio is 50 km from Ho Chi Minh City center, so from the city center you can go to Can Gio by popular means of bus, motorbike or car.

Bus: From Ben Thanh Market, take bus number 20 to Nha Be and stop at Binh Khanh ferry. Then you cross the ferry and continue with the 90th bus going straight to the sea. Along the route you want to visit the destination, please go down because the bus in Can Gio does not have a pick-up station.

– In addition, you can take the 75 trip from 23/9 park and finish at Can Thanh bus station (Can Gio). This car also passes some familiar tourist addresses in Can Gio.

Motorbike: For young people who like to go on a trip, a weekend trip, motorbikes are the most suitable means of riding a motorbike. You will be comfortable to stop and take a break. travel between tourist destinations.

Cars: For families or groups of friends on weekends, cars are an ideal choice for traveling with the whole family, but for the time being comfortable.

– Vehicles traveling between tourist destinations now need to be motorbikes or taxis, the points are relatively close together.

– If you just play around the beach 30/4 and go to Hang Duong market nearby, you can walk, because the market is located near the beach only about 500m, the accommodation is also very close to the beach.

– If you want to go to Vung Tau from Can Gio, then you can take a train from Tac Dung wharf or Mechanical station, the train departs at 6am and 10pm, goes about 1 hour, then goes to Da or Ben Dinh Vung Tau station.


– Vam Sat Conservation Area: Vam Sat is an ecotourism area, with scenes of ravishing mangrove forests, you will easily see all kinds of birds and wild animals.
– Landscape of Can Gio Resort, Ngoc Phuong Nam Tourist Area.
– Beach area 30/4.

Famous for the seafood of Saigon, to Can Gio, do not forget to buy fresh seafood as a gift. You can buy fresh seafood at cheap prices in the following areas:

– Hang Duong Market

– Can Thach Market


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