The most beautiful beaches in Thanh Hoa

Do you know the most beautiful beaches in Thanh Hoa? Join us to explore these beaches and make sure you want to discover their beauty. Located in the North of the Central, Thanh Hoa is known as the gateway to connect the North and Central regions. Thanh Hoa is famous for its beautiful beaches and clear blue water. In the summer, Hai Hoa beach resort and the most beautiful beaches in Thanh Hoa attract a large number of tourists.

Hai Hoa Sea
From Thanh Hoa city to Cong Gia town of Tinh Gia district, about 40 km, turning left for another 2 km will reach Hai Hoa beach.

The most beautiful beach in Thanh Hoa – Sea of Hai Hoa is known in recent years, when the beaches along the country began to be exploited into tourist areas. It is considered the most beautiful new potential beach in Thanh Hoa at the present time because the pristine and poetic beauty is suitable for tourists who love to explore, with the beach full of white sand.

There are not many services, street vendors or visitors, the prices here are very affordable. Beautiful pristine beach, clear blue water, gentle waves. Guests coming here will enjoy fresh seafood dishes, enjoy the salty taste of the sea, and net with the fishermen to catch the first batch of the day. In particular, only in Hai Hoa sea, there are specialties of jellyfish salad with hot sauce, jellyfish salad with fig leaves and rice cakes, …

Hai Thanh Sea

Belonging to Hai Thanh Commune, Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa Province. Hai Thanh Sea is about 4 km in length, stretching from the peak of the Blow Mountain to the foot of Du Xuyen Mountain.

Hai Thanh beach is a small beach, moderate waves and very peaceful. Offshore is Hon Me with about 10 islands large and small. Here visitors not only rest and swim, but also can visit many historical monuments such as Doi Tien Pagoda, Quang Trung Temple and churches of Ba Lang parish with a history of about 5 centuries ago.
There are very famous fish sauce, which is Ba Lang fish sauce. Here visitors will enjoy fresh seafood such as crab, crab, snail, mussel, shrimp, clam, oysters, …

Hai Tien Sea

Hai Tien beach is located in Hang Hoa district, Thanh Hoa city, located 175 km away from Hanoi, 30 km from Thanh Hoa city, along Highway 1A, through Cao Xuyen bridge to turn left and 15 km straight.

Hai Tien Sea has been put into service for tourists from a few years ago with a length of 12 km. The air is very fresh, with a long sandy beach that can let you choose a private bathing point while ensuring clean and safe. The coastal area with square salt fields, deep green natural forests.

Naturally, Bien Hai Tien is among the most beautiful beaches in Thanh Hoa because this beach has many wild features, tranquil natural scenery with blue sea and peaceful fishing villages. You can go to the market to buy seafood early in the morning, buy things and you can ask the hotel to cook or order food at home with reasonable prices, fresh.

Sam Son Beach

As one of the first exploited beaches of the northern provinces, Sam Son beach is about 16 km from Thanh Hoa city. This beach was used by the French as a private bathing place since 1906 with many ancient villas, including the resort villa of King Bao Dai.

Sam Son Beach is about 10 km long, big waves, smooth water, fine sand and moderate salt. Not only a beautiful beach, Sam Son also has many famous landscapes and historical relics. Among them, Co Giai is Truong Le where contact with the sea and Doc Cuoc temple (also known as Gam temple) dwells on the top of Co Giai bridge, associated with the legend of the giant guy split in half, half off to destroy aquatic monsters protect the fishermen, and half stand guard on the top of Co Loa. Hon Trong – Mai is a legend about the romantic couple’s love and this is also a favorite place for tourists.

But after a long time of development, this beach has a lot of evils, especially the slashing of tourists on food and shopping services … Sam Son Beach has lost its advantages compared to other ones. another beach.

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