The most beautiful beaches in Quang Ninh

Quang Ninh not only attracts tourists because of the majestic beauty of beautiful island bays. Visitors are not only attracted by the best services here but also the love of travelers for the most beautiful beaches in Quang Ninh. Those beaches have been loved to remember for travelers a lot. If you are curious about those beautiful beaches, please explore with me right away!

Quang Ninh tourism experience 2019: Where to go, what to play? Starting with the letter S on the Vietnamese map, Trà Cổ is the first beach you touch. However, To Huu had a sentence: “From Duong Co Tra Duong forest to Ca Mau mangrove forest” to indicate the starting point of Tra Co in the length of this S. With more than 15km of coastline, Tra Co is one of the longest beaches in Vietnam. This is also an island of natural accretion caused by waves and coastal currents, making the landscape here poetic and attractive. It is associated with the most: the longest coast, the beach closest to the border, the most pristine beach, the most romantic beach. When coming to Tra Co, you will be immersed in the wild beauty of nature. Enjoy swimming in the clear blue water and enjoy the wonderful holidays. Moreover, you can enjoy the most delicious seafood dishes.

Where to play when traveling to Quang Ninh? This place is like Hawii of Vietnam because of its wonderful beauty. This pearl island is located far away from the mainland, not yet explored so it brings a wild and peaceful feeling of the new land. Sea water is always a sparkling turquoise color along with soft sandy beach to create a peaceful feeling when coming here. Not only that, the Minh Chau Sea also covers a fresh layer of green plants full of life, creating a fresh and fresh space. And a rich source of fresh seafood is also an indispensable thing when coming to Minh Chau. If you have the opportunity to go to Minh Chau beach, try to admire all its beauty!

Traveling to Quang Ninh should go to any beach? The name sounds very strange but also very good, Ti Top is a beach that has contributed to the land of Ha Long. This is a beach located in the middle of Ha Long immense but does not create a small feeling. The Ti Ty attracts people because of its attractive beauty, it is like a crescent moon shadowed on the blue sea when night falls. Ti Top appeals to people by its beautiful beauty and also by its attractive name. Ti Toc is the name of the Soviet astronaut who used to visit here, this place is also the name of this great leader named to show friendship between the two countries.

Quan Lan Beach – The most beautiful and pristine beach in Quang Ninh
Quan Lan is the most attractive name, most sought after by young people in recent times. Known as the most beautiful and pristine beach of Quang Ninh, Quan Lan attracts tourists right from the first time here. It is a pristine island located in Bai Tu Long bay in Van Don island district, wanting to go to Quan Lan, passengers must spend 2 hours sitting on a high-speed train from Cai Rong port. The first impression, what makes the difference between Quan Lan and many other northern seas is blue water, beautiful white sand is no different from any beach. Surrounding the coast are green casuarinas creating shade and attracting tourists because of its particularly attractive beauty. When coming to Quan Lan, visitors will be immersed in the pristine beauty in the freshest, will experience many interesting activities that this land brings: night squid fishing, fishing, … Undeniable that this is the most beautiful and pristine beach in Quang Ninh.

Son Hao Beach – The cleanest beach in Quang Ninh
All frequency of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Quang Ninh? Son Hao beach on Quan Lan island is one of the most beautiful beaches for tourists in the summer, with unspoiled beauty like no footprints, Son Hao with smooth white long beaches, clear blue water, children Soothing, gentle waves, gentle breezes from the sea blowing in soft, gentle sunshine of summer but not dazzling, creating a paradise for tourists. Try once to Son Hao, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and heaven, play with the children here to find life peacefully. Coming to Son Hoa, the fresh and attractive seafood dishes are always an attractive thing for tourists.

Hong Van Beach – Poetic beach in Quang Ninh
Where to go to the beach when traveling to Quang Ninh? 7 km from the center of Co To town, Hong Van with a long, calm sandy beach is becoming an ideal destination for visitors to Co To Island. In the midst of a bustling life, you may encounter a strange peaceful place. Blue sea water in jade color along with endless white sand beaches creates a perfect natural beauty. This beach has been put into operation since 2013 so the tourism services here are quite developed. However, the beach still retains its inherent beauty without being affected by humans. Come to this poetic beach in Quang Ninh to feel the aftertaste of life.

Tuan Chau beach – The most developed beach in Quang Ninh
This is the most developed beach in Quang Ninh with many convenient and modern services. Tuan Chau has the beauty of modernity, the freshness attracts many tourists because of its convenience. In recent years, the beach has a lot of new changes, the beach is more clean, better service and the price is also adjusted reasonably with the price list publicly posted. When you come to Tuan Chau, you can enjoy visiting other beautiful places here such as: the largest solar water park in Southeast Asia, Quang Ninh museum, …

Bai Chay Beach – Beautiful and famous artificial beach in Quang Ninh
Does anyone not know Bai Chay – Quang Ninh’s famous beach that many visitors miss! When you come to the beach, you can not only immerse yourself in the clear blue water, stretching white sand beaches but you can also admire the beautiful beauty of Bai Chay bridge. The bridge has a modern beauty, the world’s largest span-length reinforced concrete prestressed cable-stayed bridge. This artificial beach brings with it a beauty that is not always available. Modern and luxurious hotels are always a highlight here. What is more wonderful when you and your family and friends choose Bai Chay as a place to stop for your vacation.

Vong Chay beach at Co To – The most romantic beach in Quang Ninh
Where to go when traveling to Quang Ninh? If you are a person who likes the waves, do not hesitate to choose Void is the place to rest this summer. It is famous for the strong waves, blue water for you to delight in playing with the waves. This is also an ideal place for you to watch the sunset with the person you love. The flowing river has a beautiful beauty of blue and fresh green trees. At night, you can join your friends and relatives to immerse yourself in the shimmering beauty of the beautiful, fresh winds that the sea mother brings and warm parties also take place to forget the worries and worries. outside.

Van Don – Long Beach is the best beach in Quang Ninh
Quang Ninh tourism is unknown to Van Don beach – the most beautiful and famous beach in Quang Ninh. Located on the banks of beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay, Van Don long beach gives visitors an attractive beauty every time they come to the island district. Watching the sunrise in a cool weather, fresh space with loved ones is something more wonderful. Come here, you can enjoy walking along the beach to enjoy the majestic natural beauty, watching the intact mountains of wild beauty. With that beauty, Van Don’s long beach has stolen countless travelers’ hearts. Occupy the whole soul and leave a memory for those who leave.

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Above are the most beautiful beaches in Quang Ninh that you can refer to. Your vacation will be perfect and meaningful if welcome by those beautiful beaches.

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