The best beaches in Quang Binh

Quang Binh is a poetic land located in the central strip of Vietnam. With 116km of coastline from Deo Ngang to Ha Co, this place is like a magnificent picture of blue water. Some say the poetic scenery of clear blue beaches, white sand hills, coastal casuarina forests, beautiful beaches, fine sandy beaches … is the natural gift to compensate for the harsh weather and terrain for Quang Binh.

1. Nhat Le beach

Many tourists often whisper that, coming to Quang Binh without visiting Nhat Le beach is a regret. Located in the center of Dong Hoi city, Nhat Le beach is likened to the overflowing mermaid. This is also the most charming and romantic beach among the beaches in Quang Binh province.

Nature has favored this beach with many sensual features, from the clear blue water to the bottom, white sand beach to the wildness that makes people infatuated. Across the pristine space of Nhat Le covered with gentle green colors. It is the cloudy sky, the lush green forest and the sea both converge and interact to create poetic and lyrical beauty.

Nhat Le beach is gentle and very safe. Bathe in the clear waters of Nhat Le, listen to the waves, the wind gusts up on the endless song of nature, visitors will see their souls being watered and loved.

Don’t forget to enjoy the beach party. Sea products are abundant and fresh: squid, shrimp, oysters, clams, blood cockles, grouper, pomfret, pomfret, betel nut, snapper, eel, and fish … will make the trip of tourists complete more integrity when coming to the blue sea.

2. Beach Stone Jumping

Bai Da Nhay is located in Hai Trach commune, Bo Trach district, which has been recognized and ranked as a national landscape by the Ministry of Culture and Information. The attraction of Da Da Chay is a complex of rocky mountains, stone pillars of all sizes and shapes (toads, buffaloes lying down, elephant-shaped figures, kneeling tigers …), different and low, lying on the clear sea. dreamy, with smooth and clean sand.

The best is when watching the sea in the early morning or late afternoon. The sea was deserted, the waves seemed to be stronger, jumping on the rocks or stepping on the rocks. Like waves and stones are fun, dancing together, in a romantic scene and a sound of whispering and skin. It is also possible because of this scene that the beach is called “The Jumping Stone”.

Tourists can participate in many physical activities at Da Nhay beach such as: boating, scuba diving to catch oysters, climbing, hunting, walking in the positive forest … And of course, indispensable “repertoire” to enjoy the sea Delicious products in the cool sea breeze, by the vast sky.

3. Bao Ninh beach

Located in the east of Dong Hoi city, Bao Ninh has one of the most pristine and beautiful beaches in Quang Binh. The beach is named Bao Ninh, there are tall casuarina rows, clean sandy beaches embracing the sea with immense, green grassy fields creating a scene that has both lyrical and poetic. Bao Ninh Sea has become a tourist attraction recently.

Not only immersed in the cool water, visitors can learn and discover many interesting things in Bao Ninh. Not only is the motherland of the Mother of Heroes, this place also has historical and cultural relics such as Lua Truong Sa and Sa Chuu Fort …

4. Quang Phu beach

As a stretch of Nhat Le beach, Quang Phu beach is located about 3km north of Nhat Le gate. This is also one of the famous beaches in Quang Binh. Surrounding the sea, there is a flattened strip of sand, tall sand dunes, gold running along kilometers and the green casuarina forest of sand has been dozens of years old.

Especially, in the middle of Quang Phu beach, there is a stream of fresh water from casuarina forest flowing out clear and cool. The beach is quite shallow, from the edge of the water to the sea more than 100 meters but the water is only deep across the neck of adults, there are no sand dunes close to the shore like in Nhat Le or Bao Ninh, so it is safe to swim.

Quality seafood is also one of the characteristics of Quang Phu beach. Seaweed, lobster, crab, crab, clam, snail, squid, grouper … are all caught and sold in the day so it is very fresh.

Moreover, in the area around the sea, Quang Phu has many places for tourists to visit and explore. As evidence of the war of Quang Phu artillery battlefield (vivid evidence of patriotism, courage of our people), Bau Tro archaeological relic or Mother’s mother’s homeland (Bao Ninh commune).

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