See four of the most beautiful beaches in Cam Ranh Bay

If you have worked with a group of friends to travel to Cam Ranh then you definitely do not miss the 4 most beautiful beaches of Cam Ranh Bay.

Cam Ranh is famous for hundreds of natural beaches, in which we can not mention the 4 most beautiful beaches in Cam Ranh Bay: beaches on Binh Ba, Bai Dai, Binh Hung and Binh Lap islands.

1. Binh Ba Island
To be able to find a suitable place to avoid heat for sweltering summer days, there is no place like Binh Ba Island, not only is the island life extremely quiet but there are also the most beautiful beaches of Cam Ranh Bay. Coming to Binh Ba is the simple days, coming to the blue sea and the blue of the sky, coming to the coral reefs of color and coming to the undeniable delicacies such as: lobster, cake apartment …

Because Binh Ba is a military island, when you come to the island, remember to bring your ID in the case of strict control. To Binh Ba you can comfortably walk around the island to visit the temple, the Quan Am Buddha statue and some beaches still retain their pristine beauty such as Nom beach, Cheo beach, Nha Cu beach.

The beach is an easily accessible beach because it is close to residential areas and beaches suitable for recreational activities and if you want to snorkel and watch corals or other sea creatures, stop at Chan Beach. ok In order to be able to enjoy the delicious Gai Bridge on the island, perhaps only the Old House yard will satisfy you in the absolute best way.

If I was bored with the scenery of Binh Ba Island, I think you should visit the local market with a group of friends to buy some fresh seafood with reasonable prices as gifts. Moreover, there is no place with many local specialties by the market of the place, go to the market, try the food to live here such as squid cake, rice paper with salted meat, grilled snails, Grilled squid … Besides, there are also some resorts on the beach with extremely romantic landscapes such as Ngoc Suong, Sao Bien …
2. Long Beach
Bai Dai is located in Cam Dong Hai commune, Cam Lam district, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa province, following the National Road 1A and will follow the direction of Cam Ranh Airport about 10km, you will reach this natural beach. Unlike my name because Long Beach is not long at all, it is about 1km long, but don’t rush so ignore one of the most beautiful beaches in Cam Ranh Bay. This place is particularly attractive to visitors by white sand dunes, because the clear sea and white sand shines sparkling under the sun.

Vinpearl is currently promoting the construction of resorts and entertainment areas in Long Beach called Vinpearl Bai Dai Cam Ranh – this is not only to promote the tourism potential of Long Beach but also to promote economic push of Cam Ranh. Above all, just being in the top 10 most pristine natural beaches on the planet is enough for you to be curious to see what this beach has in the top 10 after all.

3. Binh Lap
Binh Lap is favored to be called a small paradise of Vietnam, you can visit here at any time of the year, but the September to December range you remember to watch the weather forecast to make a good plan for my trip because this is the time when the rainy season begins. Although Binh Lap is in Tu Binh sea, it is very little known so the beach still has the original untouched features. At the end of the road to Binh Lap is the Tau Be fishing village – where the local fishermen live crowded.

Binh Lap has a lot of clear beaches, you can just swim and enjoy the surrounding landscape as well as fill the stomach with super cheap seafood. In Binh Lap, to find a place to stop jubilantly or check in virtual life, you should go to Lao beach, Ngang beach or anyone who likes to climb the mountain to conquer the God mountain is an activity not to be missed.

Located between two beaches and Ngang beach is Sao Bien eco-tourism area – this place will make you tired and tired after a day-long excursion with the best service from food to drinks or motels for tourists. At night, walking around the sea quietly watching the lights in each house light up, listening to the sincere conversation of fishermen who are standardizing for the trip to the next day.

4. Binh Hung
Binh Hung is located in the deep waters of Cam Ranh, Cam Binh commune, the appropriate time to travel is the first 6 months of the year and the period after that is often stormy. Coming to Binh Hung, you definitely do not forget the most worthwhile points here: Kinh beach, Nuoc Ngot beach, Hon Cho lighthouse …

According to the local people, Binh Hung is also known by other names: Hon Chat or Tý island, in addition to bathing, you can climb the Little lighthouse to watch the bustling sea or simply to Feel the salty taste of the sea following the wind that blows on your face. If you are a Buddhist, you will like it very much before the peaceful scene at Ba Temple, Binh Hung Pagoda, or Mr. Nam Hai’s tomb.

Finally, hopefully with a thorough selection of the best beaches in Cam Ranh Bay

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