8 most beautiful beaches in Danang

The coastal city of Da Nang is not only famous for its scenic spots and unique bridges but also possesses many beautiful and unspoiled beaches. One of these beaches has been well-known and honored in foreign magazines. Agribank cadres joined dozens of billions to gamble on the upcoming ‘High Healthy Festival’ in Da Nang Beautiful semi-nude photos for the birthday of the legendary Hoang Anh Forbes magazine announced the sea in Da Nang is one of the 6 most charming beaches on the planet based on the evaluation of visitors.

1. My Khe Beach My Khe Beach was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the 6 most charming beaches on the planet.

My Khe Beach is located in Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, away from the center of Da Nang City and a river along the motels. Therefore, it is easy and convenient for visitors to visit and relax when in Da Nang. My Khe Beach is nearly 1km long, famous for its clear blue water, smooth white sandy beach, which is a popular destination for tourists coming to Da Nang. Arriving in My Khe, tourists can join new and unique types of tourism such as basket boat, canoe, swimming competition, beach volleyball, etc. Around My Khe, there are many seafood restaurants. Fresh people, help visitors quickly regain their strength after an activity, play at full capacity. This place was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the 6 most charming beaches on the planet thanks to the full selection of basic criteria such as convenient transportation beach, free beach for visitors, with long and flat sandy beaches, sunshine and waves suitable for playing sports, capable of ensuring safety for visitors, with luxury resorts, villas of international standards … In addition, this beautiful beach is also ranked 10 in the top 10 most charming beaches in Asia by Sunday Herald Sun magazine of Australia.

2. Beach in Son Tra peninsula A corner of Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang.

Dubbed the green pearl of the coastal city of Da Nang, Son Tra peninsula is one of the most attractive sea attractions. The peninsula is an island made up of three raised mountains: the tops of Mie, the Kite Mine and the Horse Neck. It has many famous beaches such as North Beach, South Beach, Bai But Beach, Tien Sa Beach, Con Beach with clear blue sea, suitable for resort activities, swimming, fishing, climbing, diving. Coral sea view … of millions of tourists every year. Not only famous for its beautiful beaches, Son Tra peninsula is also the discovering place of the adventurous tourists: mountain climbing, jungle exploration; Landscape of temples, pagodas … 3. Beaches in Bac My An Photo: Internet. Bac My An is about 7km from the center of Da Nang city to the southeast, where there are 5 beautiful beaches such as: T18 beach, My Da Dong 2, My Da Dong

3. Bac My An and Furama hotel area.

The beaches here are clear, green sea water, fine sandy beaches. In Bac My An area not only has a Furama tourist area, visitors need not be afraid of their financial situation but should observe and ask the locals about some hotels and services for ordinary travelers like to explore.

4. Pham Van Dong Beach Pham Van Dong beach.

Pham Van Dong beach is considered the tourist hotspot of the year with thousands of visitors every day. The most attraction of Pham Van Dong beach is the green water source, the golden sand is soft and smooth, spreading over an area of 7,726m2. This is also the largest public beach in Da Nang, investment and construction cost is about 12 billion VND with relatively grandiose auxiliary works: a fountain, 6 freshwater reservoirs, 26 rows of showers, 24 dressing rooms with composite. The beach can serve from 3,500 to 4,000 people per day. In addition to swimming, visitors can participate in various sports activities such as boats, water motorbikes …

5. Non Nuoc beach

Fun activities in Non Nuoc beach. Photo: Internet. Non Nuoc beach is located in Hoa Hai ward (Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang), stretching nearly 5km as a green arc, with gentle slopes, smooth waves, beautiful white sandy beaches, clear blue sea, suitable for sea travel and water games, especially surfing. In 1993, there was an international wave competition with the participation of nearly 40 athletes from many countries around the world. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood dishes combined with excursions to visit Marble Mountain with beautiful caves nearby, Non Nuoc fine stone village or boat on Co Co River .

6. Thanh Binh Beach Thanh Binh Beach.

Thanh Binh Beach is an unspoiled beach, featuring images of basket boats lying quietly on the sandy beach or stretching along the waves, giving visitors a feeling of peace, staying away from the busiest. , hustle of everyday life. The activities of sea tourism in Thanh Binh beach are also one of the factors attracting tourists: swimming, windsurfing, yacht, boat … Thanh Binh beach is located on Nguyen Tat Thanh route, with bow shape. , embrace a part of the path as it draws close to the city. Visitors walking on the road can easily zoom their eyes towards the sea. Because it is located in the inner city, this quiet, cool place is an ideal dating and relaxation spot for Da Nang residents.

Nam O’s name comes from the old way of calling, meaning in the South of Chau O. Nam O beach is located in Lien Chieu district, fresh air, airy, moderate slope, along the foot of the mountain. The mountain shadow is printed on the blue water surface, the white sandy slope makes Nam O beach as beautiful as the water picture. Around the coast, there are huge stones forming unique marine architectural complexes, attracting tourists. Around the Nam O beach, there are rows of stilt houses to serve the needs of tourists’ accommodation so that they can discover the most unspoiled, pure beauty of the nature of the South Sea. From Nam O beach, visitors can go to the Con Tra peninsula by mountain or waterway to the west, visit the Ka-Tu ethnic village in Hoa Bac commune, Hoa Vang district.
8. Xuan Thieu Beach

Xuan Thieu beach is beautiful and wild. Photo: Internet. Xuan Thieu beach is located in Xuan Thieu eco-tourism area, Hoa Hiep Nam ward, Lien Chieu district, Da Nang. The clean and beautiful beach, the ever-green sea water in Xuan Thieu is also called “Red Sea” (Red Beach). This strange name comes from the water color reflected in the sunrise or sunset. At this time, the sun shines on the water, making the beach with a vivid red color catch the eye. If you come to Da Nang, do not go to Xuan Thieu beach to admire this amazing natural phenomenon.

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