7 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam

Phu Quoc: Located off Kien Giang Province, Ngoc Phu Quoc Island is the favorite destination of tourists who like the peaceful, quiet and pristine beauty of long beaches, pristine forests, water springs. clear and cool

Arriving in Phu Quoc, in addition to swimming, walking at the night markets, discovering boys breeding companies to get famous pearls, you can also visit scenic spots like Dinh Cau, Bai Sao, Bai Dai and forest sim. , pepper gardens, fish sauce production facilities. Enjoying fresh seafood, visiting Phu Quoc prison is also a must for your trip

There are two vehicles to Phu Quoc: Hanoi / Saigon – Phu Quoc flight or ride from Saigon – Ha Tien and board the train to Phu Quoc. The cost of a three-day and two-night trip on this island ranges from 4 to 6 million depending on the means of transportation, the hotel resides

Con Dao: Located off the coast of Vung Tau province and once dubbed the “earthly hell”, but now Con Dao has become “paradise of relaxation” with domestic and international tourists.

Go to Con Dao, you can explore historical relics, experience a series of “creepy chicken” sensations, and do not forget to enjoy delicious seafood dishes, children with crispy, fragrant and aromatic blossoms release yourself in the wild and peaceful of the mountains

Ho Coc: Ho Coc Sea is located in Bung Bien commune, Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, 175km from Ho Chi Minh City. Despite being included in the list of pristine and beautiful beaches, it has come from a long time but now, Ho Coc beach with large rocks scattered, with blue water, light white sand and shallow water is always in love. absence of guests

Go to Ho Coc, you can dive in cool water, enjoy seafood, do not forget to hang the hammock on the ocean and listen to the wind and listen to the waves. In addition, you can rent a motorbike, move to Ho Tram, a beautiful beach with no less people of this province or wander to Binh Chau hot spring, soak in warm or boiled water and sip Eggs in unique open pots

To get to Ho Coc, you can buy tickets for Saigon – Binh Chau, when passing Ho Coc beach area, take a motorbike taxi. Second, go by motorbike from Saigon – Ho Coc. This distance is about 150km long. Hotels in Ho Coc have a stay price of 250 – 450,000 VND / night. It is not really developed here, so it is not safe for you to go to the night beach or wander outside in the evening Mui Ne: Mui Ne attracts tourists with blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine. With moving sand hills, murky streams, a series of high-class resorts with cheap sea food dishes and typical dishes

You can go to Mui Ne by bus or motorbike. The price of accommodation here ranges from 200,000 – 4.5 million / night depending on the hostel or the hotel. To save costs, you can eat at Mui Ne Market or the shops along the way. The maximum cost for 2 people in Mui Ne two days a night, ranging from 2 to 4 million

Nha Trang: It is not difficult to imagine how beautiful Nha Trang beach is and how attractive Nha Trang tourism is to domestic and foreign tourists.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, Nha Trang also welcomes visitors with magnificent Mrs Ponagar waterfall and beautiful Ninh Van Bay; Dreamy Mun Island, comfortable Vinpearland, Van Phong Bay, the most beautiful bay in the world or shimmering Oceanographic Institute …

Besides, you can register to participate in activities of diving and watching coral, along with a variety of sea activities such as snorkeling, coral surfing, surfing, kayaking … You should try here, besides seafood, there are jellyfish noodles, soup cakes …

Cua Dai: Located next to one of the world’s cultural heritages and its untouched beauty, Cua Dai is one of the most crowded foreign tourists in Vietnam.

However, not any tourists who come to Cua Dai also dive in the cool water, but many tourists come to this beach as a habit when coming to Hoi An, or sitting on the shore watching the waves bring come to them more than that

Cua Dai specialties do not have much but almost tourists feel satisfied with the delicious food in the old town such as high floor, chicken rice, tofu.

My Khe: Come to My Khe, the beach voted by Forbes (USA) magazine in 2006 means that you will have the opportunity to visit, relax and shop in one of the cities. The most popular travel in Vietnam today

Along with this, you also have the opportunity to explore and conquer a series of scenic spots of land with rivers, mountains and sea. These are places like Son Tra peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son mountain, Ba Na mountain, Hai Van pass, Nam O reef … and other traditional craft villages such as Cam Ne village, Tuy Loan ancient village. The delicacies should not be overlooked in Da Nang are the types of seafood, salad fish eggs, Nam My Nam cake, Tuy Loan noodles, pork two heads, Quang noodles

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